History of Red Bank Men’s Club Inc.

In the late 1940’s a group of men who lived in Red Bank formed a social club after several years having enjoyed one another’s company during weekly bowling matches and dinner. On February 11, 1949 the Red Bank Men’s Club was incorporated by the State of New Jersey. There were 24 Charter Members.

The purposes for which the Club was formed are to:

    • foster the highest type of social relations among its members and the community;
    • furnish a period of relaxation and enjoyment as a relief from the routine duties of its members;
    • present a united front in the promotion and advancement of any cause considered worthy by the majority of its members.

Throughout the years, the Club has given financial and social support to college bound students, the Red Bank Little League, and the Red Bank Police Crime Prevention Program. Among its many other accomplishments of community service over the past 68 years, the Men’s Club was instrumental in changing the name of West Bergen Place, in Red Bank, to “Doctors James Parker Boulevard” in honor of the great service the Parker family of physicians and dentist provided to the community.

We abetted the construction of the Parker Family Health Clinic and continue to be one of its financial supporters, through golf tournaments. We also held a special concert at the Two River Theatre, Red Bank, on behalf of the Clinic.

We partnered with the Red Bank Education and Development Initiative to create educational services for Red Bank children to make them second to none in academic achievement in the State.

Although basically a social club, the members have provided significant financial support to over 30 different non-profit organizations that serve the broader Monmouth County community. That support was drawn from member dues and a varitey of fund raising events, the proceeds of which were dedicated to specific organizations. During the five year period of 2008 through 2015, in excess of $25,000 was donated to local non-profit organzations and scholarships. In 2013, after reviewing our charitiable giving and scholarship offerings, we established the Red Bank Men’s Club Foundation, a 501c3 organization, as a more effective means of financially supporting our scholarships and other non-profit organizations important to us.

The Red Bank Men’s Club realizes there is much more work to be done and as the years go by our efforts will be strengthened as we strive toward our goal: “Service to the Community”. Our founders got it right, because the Club has been in continuous existence since its inception in 1949 and remains “Steeped in Tradition”.